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Ministries and


The work of the Board of Mission and Social Concerns is to foster awareness of human needs and to answer these needs. Our goal is to involve all members and friends of our congregation in this outreach. Our church reflects the passion of our members for helping others locally, nationally, and globally as we have done, as a center of faith and service, for over150 years, and as we have pledged to do well into the future. The board works to provide education and leadership for this goal. At every opportunity we aim to reach out to improve the quality of life for people in our community and in our world, and to help in whatever ways we are able.
Sunday Worship

Our regular Sunday Worship services begin at 10:00 AM.

Please see our News and Calendars for COVID-19 updates and changes to our worship.

During the course of the year we offer special worship services including, but not limited

Maundy Thursday and Seder, Holden Worship Thursdays through Lent, Good Friday, Palm Sunday, Christmas Eve, and

Bluegrass Worship twice a year.

Sanctuary at sunset FCCWW3.jpg
Youth Services

During the school year, our Board of Christian Education organizes a Sunday School curriculum for Preschool through Sixth Grade. Additionally we offer Confirmation Classes for youth.

Our middle and high school youth are invited to participate in the Pilgrim Fellowship (PF), the traditional name for our Youth Groups. Outings, social times, and more are offered. 

The Free Soup Lunch

We are one of several downtown churches that provides Free Soup Lunch each Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Currently we are serving sack lunches outside and hope to be back in the Atrium soon. All are welcome and nothing is asked in return for this meal.

For those wishing to join the Soup Lunch team to help make, serve or clean up after the lunches, please contact the Church Office for details. Thank you to all who maintain this greatly needed service for our community.

Soup Kitchen
12 Step Programs

In an effort to serve those in our community facing the long road of addiction issues, we offer our facilities, free of charge, to AA, NA, AlAnon, AA Alpha y Omega (En Enspañol),  at various times throughout the day and throughout the week. For meeting times and more information, see our Recovery Group calendar.


Ministry Goals for the Years to Come

Actively participate in the work and financial needs of Helpline, our local coordinating agency for helping local people in need.
Plan, cook, and serve monthly meals at the Christian Aid Center. Our goal is to involve an increasing number of our congregation in this work. We donate magazines and books, and offer aid to the Christian Aid Center as needs arise.
Promote understanding and implementation of our role as an open and affirming church, in coordination with the educational outreach of our Open and Affirming committee.

Provide increasingly active outreach to the Latino community in the Walla Walla valley through a coordinated program and through actions of our leaders and members.
Bring attention to local, national, and global issues of social justice and offer active plans to help our congregation become involved.
Offer the use of our church facilities as meeting sites to many local 12-step programs. See the schedule of meetings on the Community Services page.
 Adopt a dozen families during the Christmas season and provide each person with gifts and the family with a generous food basket for the holidays and the weeks after.
Actively advocate and work for economic justice and world peace.
Generously support the United Church of Christ in their support of the needy in the United States and worldwide.
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