Mission and Social Concerns Back to School Fundraising

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

This year our annual school supply drive will take on a new focus, as we raise funds to support the 29 children who live in the Lincoln Terrace apartments, managed by BMAC. Instead of school supplies, we are asking for your financial support to provide each child with funds that can be used towards specific needs for back to school 2021. Our goal is to meet – and even exceed - $500 for the Lincoln Terrace children.

Claudia Limon, who is the service coordinator for the apartment complex, asked that this year our church we provide a financial donation to the community that she will be able to distribute through the BMAC voucher system to each family. This will ensure that the specific and unique needs are met.

School supplies will be provided by the school district. Additionally, Through a grant award, BMAC is able to purchase backpacks for the children in the Lincoln Terrace community as well as a gift card to ROSS for each family. However, there are still many outstanding needs for each family. Some have multiple children, which means that the gift card is stretched quite thin. Claudia mentioned haircuts as something that children might really appreciate, as well as specific needs unique to each family, person or sibling group. She mentioned that some children need special sizing and other adaptive considerations that aren’t available in Walla Walla.

Your generous support of this fundraising effort will ensure that the children in the Lincoln Terrace community will be well prepared and ready to begin a new school year. School starts soon ! Let’s help make our fundraising goal byTuesday, September 7th!

You may donate online at https://www.firstchurchuccww.org/ , at church, you may drop off a donation, you may mail a check – and we will have a special offering box in the sanctuary for the next three weeks targeted for this fundraising drive. Please designate School Fundraising Drive so your donation will go to this project.

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact: Heidi McFarley, heidimcfarley@gmail.com or by phone: 541-377-7624

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