A Double-Take on Psalm 148

(Here’s my take of Psalm 148. Fun for a children’s sermon.)

Say “Wow, God”   out of heaven Say “Wow, God”   in the heights Say “Wow, God”   all the angels Say “Wow, God”   sun and moon Say “Wow, God”   all you clouds Say “Wow, God”   you shining stars Say “Wow, God”   in outer space Say “Wow, God”   from the earth Say “Wow, God”   from the ocean deeps Say “Wow, God”   lighting and rain Say “Wow, God”   snow and ice Say “Wow, God”   blowing wind Say “Wow, God”   from the mountains Say “Wow, God”   all trees and plants Say “Wow, God”   all animals, big and small Say “Wow, God”   things that creep and things that fly Say “Wow, God”   all you people Say “Wow, God”   all you presidents and senators and judges and lawyers and farmers and ranchers and bus-drivers and pilots and carpenters and construction workers and teachers and doctors and nurses and scientists and librarians and students and soldiers and writers and painters and potters and nuns and rabbis and moms and dads and kids and retirees and mechanics and police officers and foundry-workers and farm-workers and temp-workers and textile-workers and prisoners and drop-outs and outlaws and used-car-salespeople and gas-station-attendants and trapeze-artists and everybody young and old, of every color, talking in every kind of language Say “Wow, God” Because God has created all of this. God is creating all of this. The light of God shines through all the world. And for how amazing all the world is, God is even more amazing. So say “Wow, God.”

(Thanks to all the kids at our 2016 Vacation Bible School, at First Congregational Church of Walla Walla. Rev. Nathaniel Mahlberg. Apologies to Casper David Friedrich, and to the author of Psalm 148 )


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