At right is a reproduction of the brief history of the First Congregational Church of Walla Walla created in 1964 to help celebrate its Centennial.  The booklet was the result of the combined effort of Millicent Beaver, Charles Dillon, Dr. Frank Haigh, Carrie Reynolds, and Rev. Emrys Thomas.  Information on the booklet's front cover design, by the late noted artist, Ruth Fluno, is located on the back cover.


Each page appears as a JPEG file and you may view each by using the arrows (they appear when you hover your cursor over the image) to advance or reverse.


Our Ministers Since the Centennial


Rev. Emrys Price Thomas and Eleanor Baldwin Thomas

    Rev. Larry Baker, Assistant Minister

    Rev. Larry Gaffin, Associate Minister

Revs. Roger and Patricia Robbenault, Co-Pastors

Rev. Joe Murphy

Rev. Jim CastroLang, Interim

Dr. Gregg Kaaman

    Rev. Melinda Townsend, Associate Minister

Pastoral Team:

    Rev. Adam Kirtley

    Rev. Cecilia McKean

    Rev. John Hughes

    Rev. Dorothy Knudson

Rev. Adam Kirtley, Worship Leadership

Rev. Cecilia McKean, Pastoral Care

Rev. Nathaniel Mahlberg (current)

Our History

Histories Created During the Sesquicentennial in 2014 

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