Wider embrace
deeper love

2022 Stewardship Pledge Drive

Your pledge of support is essential to widen and deepen the mission of the church.  Please consider giving to the 2022 Stewardship Campaign with a generous pledge.  Stewardship Pledge Cards are available in the sanctuary and the church office.  To receive a pledge card in the mail or for questions, please call the church at 509-525-8753.

A Letter from the Stewardship

Dearest FCC Family,


We could not have asked for better company than your steadfast and faithful souls as we navigated 2021. Thank you for your generosity, resilience, creativity, grit and graciousness through these uncertain and trying times.


As we turn our hearts and minds to 2022, it’s hard to imagine a time when our work of tender nurture, collective outreach, and extravagant welcome could possibly be more important. At this crossroads, we are met with an invitation: How will we, as a community of faith and conviction, pledge to meet the lingering and upcoming challenges of these times?  How can we continue to widen our embrace of those in our faith family and wider community who hunger for sanctuary and support? How can we continue to deepen the love that draws us together?


With your past support, our Trustees have met the financial challenges of the pandemic with creativity and ingenuity, seeking out new sources of income and mindfully stewarding donations. Thanks to the hard and heart-felt work of many--going back generations--we are privileged to approach this challenge with a solid foundation.


It is our ongoing aspiration to broaden the impact of the church with a heart-set of abundance. Expanding our capacity will require devotion, dedication, and additional financial support. Though we treasure our volunteers beyond measure, some roles are most effectively filled with paid staff. We would like to fortify our Christian Education ministry with a paid part-time director. We would also benefit tremendously from an Outreach Coordinator. This position would deepen our partnerships with kindred local agencies, increase use of our buildings for revenue generation, and strengthen communications to best represent our church and draw in new members.  With your additional support we can grow these new positions.


As we together envision and aspire to these possibilities, the church depends on the generous contributions of members and friends. Financial resources along with staff and volunteers are all essential to meeting the mission of the church.  We ask you to join in our commitment to widen and deepen our mission by renewing and increasing your pledges of support. Please complete the Stewardship Pledge Card and return it to the church at your earliest convenience.


Thank you--for who you are, where you are, and what you do.


Onward, with faith and hope, and above all in love,





FCC Stewardship Committee Chair