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Reverend Nathaniel Mahlberg


I am passionate about church as a school of love, to borrow a term from Brain McLaren. Nothing motivates me like witnessing people grow in their ability to love and to be loved due to the teaching, practice, and spirit of Divine Love at work through the church. I love how our church is animated by such a dear and quirky cast of characters, often including folks who have been excluded by other churches. As we endeavor to do church and be church together as such a motley and marvelous group, with Jesus as our guide and God as our grounding, we all can get schooled in how to better give and receive love and respect and grace. 

I was born in Oregon, grew up mostly in Wisconsin, and received my seminary education at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. With my spouse, Rachel, and five-year-old, I love to hike and to create new things. 

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Gayle Kubrock


I moved from Southern California to Walla Walla in 1976, I’ve made it my home since then.

I have four children, two beautiful daughters-in-law, and three perfect grandchildren.

I love a good book and a cozy chair, I also love to craft.

If you have questions or need help, please give me a call – I love to help!


Julie Jones


More about Julie coming soon!

Jackie Wood


More about Jackie coming soon!


Margaret Thomas


More about Margaret coming soon!


Isabella Sherwood


I do all things tech for FCC-- mostly working on our web presence these days! 

I am currently studying for my Masters in Divinity at the Iliff School of Theology with the eventual goal of becoming an ordained minister myself. I'm passionate about unearthing the historical basis for the Christian tradition-- and envisioning what the future of doing and being church will look like in the twenty-first century.

My partner and I met at FCC in 2019, and where I live with my partner, who I met at FCC in 2019, and now live in Denver, CO, with our dog Adelaide. I like to make time for my hobbies, including baking, sewing, and drinking lots of coffee!

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Leah Bailey


Leah Bailey was born in Singapore, raised in Alaska, and lives in Walla Walla. She is a musician and teacher, a little bit nerdy about non-profit business management and accounting, and a sporadic knitter. Leah has three kids, two dogs, a husband, two master’s degrees, a teaching certificate, a monthly column in the Family Forum supplement to the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, and a transplanted kidney named George. She plays regularly with the Walla Walla Symphony and is the sole proprietor of two small businesses: Bailey's Books and Balances (accounting and bookkeeping) and Bailey Editing (writing and editing). Prior to the pandemic, she could occasionally be found teaching high school English or playing the cello around the Walla Walla Valley..